Live today as if it were your last and plan for tomorrow as if you will live forever

by M. Gandhi

Hello, and welcome to our website.

My name is Galina Koval, the owner of the Living Benefits, LLC. We founded the company together with my husband, Rich, over 15 years ago when we still lived in Northern VA. In 2014 we made Stuart our permanent home. Here, we continue helping people by bringing Financial and Medicare planning solutions.

We understand how complex and complicated these two areas are and focus on educating our clients first before making any recommendations. Through free Medicare seminars, we explain everything one needs to know about Medicare in order to make the right choice. During our financial planning meetings with clients, we make sure that they understand in entirety every part of their plan.

Our recommendations are not only based on everyone’s individual situation, but one can be assured that we will never recommend anything we wouldn’t suggest to our own parents.

Please visit the Medicare, Financial Planning, and Retirement Income Planning pages for more details and let us know how we can help you!

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