Financial Planning

We all heard the term Financial Planning, but what IS Financial Planning?

To many people, it means only hunting for the highest rate of return on their investments. Although it is a very important part of a Financial Plan, did you know that it also involves
estate planning, insurance, investments, taxes, employee benefits and retirement planning?
Well, now you know. How many of your advisors talked to you about those other areas?

Our Comprehensive Financial Planning process doesn’t leave anything out. Therefore, when we meet our clients for the first time, besides getting numerical information, we spend at least two hours just learning about their lives, their objectives and goals, their family dynamics and what wishes they may have. We want to make sure that all recommendations coming from our analysis are tied to their specific situation.

When we meet with our clients, our goal is to make the whole process very simple. Wouldn’t you agree that it is easy to get lost in the technical terms, analyses, definitions, etc?
Therefore, we created a simple system to follow. Our system is to build every financial plan as if we were building an ancient pyramid. You see, when you think of an ancient pyramid, it is associated with longevity, stability, something hard to break, right? That’s why we chose to use a pyramid as our symbol of a successful financial plan. Look at the picture and the process.

Building of a financial pyramid starts with the foundation. It is important to make it strong. Once it’s done, building the other parts becomes easier. Throughout the process, we guide our clients so that they never lose sight of why they are in the planning process. When the plan is finished and put in force, we monitor it and have regular meetings with our clients to ensure that the plan is working. If our clients have any life or goal changes, we’ll advise what needs to be done in the plan to accommodate those changes.

We help people of any ages and financial resources, regardless where they’re in their financial life. Whether you’re just starting to learn about your financial future or have been building it for many years, we would like to meet you and see how we can help.

If you would like to schedule a meeting to go through this process and mention this webpage, we’ll give you a discount. The entire plan will cost you $150 (a $750 value), a onetime fee.

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