Retirement Income Planning

Before we can start talking about Retirement Income Planning, we need to answer a question: What IS retirement? Is it traveling to explore the World? Is it playing golf? Is it visiting children and grandchildren? Is it a combination of all the above? The answer will be different from person to person. But there is one thing for sure, there will be Discretionary and Non-discretionary expenses. There will be known expenses, but also unknown expenses. How do you prepare for that and are still able to have fun? After all, they call them Golden years, right?

When we meet with people to help plan for their retirement or those who are in early years of retirement, we hear these main questions: Can I afford to retire? Will I outlive my money? What will happen if I or my spouse need long-term-care? What if another 2008 market meltdown wipes out my savings? The Retirement Income Planning is designed to not only answer these questions, but also show what needs to be done in order to prevent a financial disaster from happening.
The process of Retirement Income Planning gives peace of mind to our clients and helps them enjoy their long-awaited retirement years instead of worrying about not being able to afford things they want to do.

Our process begins from a very thorough interview where we discuss you, your family, your goals and wishes. We want to know everything about you that will help us build a plan tied to your specific situation.

Then we begin helping you build your Retirement Planning Pyramid from the Foundation up. The picture illustrates our process. Once the Pyramid is completed and the plan is placed in force, we monitor it and get together at least once a year to make sure it is working for you and if anything changes in your situation or goals, we will make recommendations of how to address those changes.

If you would like to schedule a meeting to go through this process and mention this webpage, you will get a discount. The entire plan will cost you $150 (a $750 value), a onetime fee.

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